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June 14, 2023

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America Needs Conservative Mayor Francis Suarez for President

Miami, FL… Supporters of Conservative Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez today launched SOS America PAC with a six figure ad buy in New Hampshire, Iowa and Nevada.

“America needs conservative Mayor Francis Suarez for President,” said SOS America PAC spokesperson Chapin Fay. “As our nation faces anti-police and pro-crime Democrat leadership in cities across the nation like Baltimore, Portland and New York City, the achievements of first-generation American Mayor Suarez underscore the need for immediate nationwide adoption of his approach.

“Because of Mayor Suarez’s tough-on-crime and back-the-blue approach, Miami currently has its lowest homicide rate since the 1950’s and the lowest homelessness rate since 2013.

“Under his leadership, the Miami economy is thriving. Miami boasts the nation’s lowest unemployment rate at 1.4% and Mayor Suarez’ fiscal policies have achieved the city’s lowest tax rate since the 1960’s, the creation of 8,000 new jobs and an additional $1 billion in wages to Miami’s economy.

“Mayor Francis Suarez’s Miami Model is working, plain and simple. Now is the time for the rest of the country to adopt his successful approach. America needs conservative Mayor Francis Suarez for President.”

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Narrator: Joe Biden has failed America. Crime. Lawlessness. Unchecked borders. Attacks on law enforcement.

Fox host: Crime, drugs, homelessness all rampant in San Francisco.

Chicago reporter: Another especially violent weekend in the city. By our account, 52 people were hurt in shootings across Chicago, 10 of whom died.

News reporter off-screen: Surveillance video shows the hooded suspect firing several shots.

Narrator: This is Joe Biden’s America. But conservative Mayor Francis Suarez chose a better path for Miami.

Tucker Carlson: This is a pretty amazing success story. The city of Miami is on track for the lowest crime rate since the 1930s. Francis Suarez is the mayor of Miami, he joins us now. Mr. Mayor thank you for coming on. What exactly are you doing in Miami that America’s other cities are not doing?

Mayor Suarez: The success we’ve had in Miami – reducing taxes to their lowest level and seeing double-digit growth, reducing homicide to the lowest per-capita level since 1964 and this year being 30 percent down in homicides.

Narrator: Mayor Suarez fully funded the police department and equipped police officers to preserve law and order. Under Suarez’s watch, Miami’s crime rate plummeted. America needs a leader ready to act. Francis Suarez will not back down. A father, a husband, and a proud believer in American exceptionalism. Protecting American families, supporting law enforcement, and defending the American Dream. This is Mayor Francis Suarez’s Miami Model.

Disclaimer: SOS America PAC is responsible for the contents of this advertising.


  • Lowest Homicide Rate Since the 1950’s
  • Lowest Homelessness Rate Since 2013
  • Lowest Unemployment Rate in the Nation (1.4%)
  • #1 In Tech Job Migration
  • $2 Trillion AUM Brought to Miami
  • Healthiest City in America, 3rd Year in a Row
  • Top 50 Most Sustainable Cities in the World
  • #1 In Pandemic Recovery
  • #1 In Wage Growth
  • 8,000 New Jobs
  • 81 New-to-Market Companies
  • $1 Billion In Wages to Miami’s Economy
  • Nearly $1 Billion in Venture Capital Flowed into Miami This Year
  • Miami-Dade County Has 19 of the Top 40 Public High Schools in FL and 20 of the 40 Top K-8


Conservative Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s parents fled Cuba’s oppressive communist regime for a better life in America. His father worked tirelessly to provide for his family, while his mother nurtured their home with love and care. As a child, Francis found passion in public service, inspired by his parents’ journey and the opportunities America provided. From excelling in his studies at Florida International University, to earning a Juris Doctor from the University of Florida Levin College of Law, Mayor Suarez worked diligently to prepare himself to serve his community.

As a Miami City Commissioner, Francis tirelessly represented his constituents, upholding conservative principles and advocating for fiscal responsibility. His dedication earned him respect and admiration, not just from those he represented, but from all who value principled, conservative leadership.

Francis was then elected as the Mayor of Miami in 2017, the first Miami-born Mayor of the City of Miami in its history. His mayoral position has been marked by a commitment to law and order, fiscal responsibility, and the promotion of business-friendly policies. He transformed Miami into a safe, thriving hub for technology and innovation, attracting businesses and creating jobs, reflecting his conservative principles and vision for a prosperous America.

Francis Suarez was elected Mayor by a significant margin. But after tackling economic challenges, fighting for families, and keeping his city open and thriving while creating an economic powerhouse, Mayor Suarez won re-election in a landslide. Mayor Francis Suarez is the Republican Party’s best chance to beat Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

Conservative Mayor Suarez’s steadfast, pro-America principles have led him to enact a bold agenda that has transformed Miami into a blueprint for the nation. He’s delivered win after win, and never backs down from battles — no matter how tough — that protect the people. No leader has accomplished more for his city than Mayor Suarez, and he will do the same in fighting for our country.

Francis is married to Gloria Fonts Suarez, a dedicated wife and mother. Together, they’re the proud parents of their son and daughter.

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