Five Facts about Francis Suarez

He is a Principled Conservative

Under Conservative Mayor Francis Suarez, Miami has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 1.4% and its lowest tax rate since the 1960s due to Suarez’s effective economic policies.

He is Pro-Police

Since 2020, while many other mayors of large cities across America were slashing police budgets and cutting the size of their police force, conservative Mayor Francis Suarez chose a different path. He decided to fully fund the police department and equip officers with the latest technology to enhance public safety and security. 

He is Tough-on-Crime

Under conservative Mayor Suarez, Miami has achieved its lowest homicide rate since the 1950s and has seen homelessness plummet – from 6000 homeless when he took office to 608 homeless today. 

He is Pro-Business

His governance has resulted in the creation of 8,000 new jobs, highlighting his commitment to job creation. Suarez’s policies have contributed to the formation of 81 new companies, which have added an additional $1 billion in wages to Miami’s economy. Miami is also leading in tech job migration in the nation and attracting traditional finance companies venturing into cryptocurrency.

He is Unapologetically Pro-America

Mayor Suarez believes in American exceptionalism and that our best days are not behind us. He is fighting to ensure the American Dream is attainable for every American and that we can all enjoy the safety and prosperity our nation’s founders envisioned for our nation.